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Eurodainu 2015

Progress never stands still.

35 years and we have never stopped improving it.

It is precise, reliable, easy to use and maintains calibration stability over time. Reasons why EURODAINU has become a reference tool for professionals in the field.

35 years of successes and confirmations as well as experience and work with the aim of constantly perfecting the product and keeping it competitive at the top of the range. The inflator gauge has been number 1 worldwide for precision and reliability since 1983.

Number 1 is back.

A new level of precision

thanks to refinement of the internal parts which significantly improves the instrument's measurement repeatability and increases its precision and reliability. The hose part, developed by the Wonder R&D department and manufactured internally with a special compound, the result of over thirty years experience in the vulcanisation of rubber, has been entirely redesigned.

Easier to use

thanks to the new automatic injection moulding system used for the body of the instrument which gives the inflator gauge much more elegant lines, making the instrument easier to use and more practical and helping to improve measurement repeatability.

Measuring reliability and model compliant with the European Directive 86/217/ECC and the UNI EN 12645:2104 standard

Wonder Inflator Gauges

Made in Italy

Manufactured at the Wonder factory in Cremona (Italy), EURODAINU uses only Italian components. Wonder only uses high quality materials of certified origin to offer its customers guaranteed high quality products and to reduce environmental impact to a minimum.

Every inflator gauge undergoes automated calibration using highly advanced vision systems. A dedicated team of highly specialised technicians is responsible for the final checking of each EURODAINU, carefully tests how it works and checks the quality of each part.

Technical specifications

  • Enhanced internal elastic element
    Designed and manufacture entirely by Wonder with a special compound that increases measurement repeatability to make it even more reliable for greater precision and wear resistance.
  • New moulding of instrument body
    More ergonomic design and improved handling due to the new automatic injection moulding system used for the instrument body. More practical, more streamlined and improved measurement repeatability.
  • 100% water resistant
    Fastening of display glass with a snap-on O-ring (without the use of glue) that seals the dial (made entirely of aluminium unlike rival models with a glued plastic dial) and guarantees the watertightness of the measurement system.
  • New anti-shock ring
    Increased protection for the dial and internal mechanical parts with the new design of the rubber ring which give the instrument maximum measuring accuracy even if it is knocked or falls. The compound is also new. It is stronger and designed to offer improved protection from atmospheric agents.

  • Decentralised hook-up system
    More practical thanks to the improved design of the ring with a decentralised hole to make it easier to hang up the instrument when not in use.
  • Precision dial
    - Scale: from 0.7 to 11 bar
    - Wide measuring range, with reading accuracy of 0.1 bar
    - Also available in dual scale (bar/psi) version (1991 model), for standard and large bore valves
  • Eco-sustainable
    The EURODAINU inflator gauge can be completely dismantled to guarantee full disposal of all its parts. All materials used are tested in the Wonder laboratories in line with company policy (UNI EN ISO 14001 certification system).
  • Sintered filter
    To prevent the infiltration of dirt, foreign bodies and hydrocarbons. The EURODAINU inflator gauge has been tested to withstand accidental pressure of up to 15 bar. For use with air and nitrogen.
  • Threaded connector (¼ female)


  • Do not use for inflating or checking the pressure of tyres containg water ballast or anti-puncture products.
  • Avoid contact with solvents or hydrocarbons.
  • Periodically check that the compressor air filter is working properly and drain the condensation every 3-4 days.


The measurement of the pressure is automatically cut off during inflation and the pointer of the dial returns to 0 (zero) to avoid any possible damage to the EURODAINU caused by excesively high pressure. As soon as the handle is released, the pointer of the dial will indicate the pressure value.

It is recommended that the tyre is inflated using short subsequent burst of air/gas and the dial is checked frequently until the required pressure is reached.

Wonder S.p.a.

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UNI EN ISO 14001:2015



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